Smart home systems Advantages

Tamkean is well positioned to keep up with the latest technology in its residential projects and is therefore equipping its residential units to be capable of installing smart home systems.

Curtains :

Open and close the blinds according to the outside climate and it also can be manually controlled. .

Security and digital surveillance system :

  • Sensors in all doors and windows are connected to the system. And contact the numbers stored in the system in case of theft .
  • External alarm.
  • Temperature sensors.
  • Fire detection sensors.
  • Cameras are scattered in the outside parts of the house
  • Cameras are spread throughout the exterior of the house and the wall. The smart houses control all the facilities of the house from lighting, curtains and air conditioning system, in addition to the home security system.
  • The system can also be set to a mode called "travel mode" where the system closes and opens the curtains and the interior and exterior lighting randomly if the owner suggests his property to appear active. .
  • Lighting :

    • Open and close the lighting.
    • Versatile switches for lighting control
    • Control the power of lighting.
    • Sensors to control the lighting of unused places.
    • Digital System :

      • Speakers are scattered throughout the house. Each section of the house can be controlled separately.
      • Remote controls.
      • Central controller.